The Belt Bible

It's no secret that we love a good belt at Hummingbird; thick, thin, woven, metallic, studded. You name it, we embrace it, but there are some guidelines when it comes to belts(we don't use the 'r' word with fashion because there are always exceptions to the 'r's and we just don't like them in any case). 

1. In very general terms, a thinner belt will make your waist look thinner - that's a very important one to remember.

2. Belts are great to highlight a waist and add shape, but if you don't have a waist, don't wear a belt. An exception to this is the Obi Belt, which can sometimes define a waist where there isn't one, just remember to cinch and tie them quite firmly. Obi Belts are usually made of leather or fabric.
3. A bigger bust will usually be better with a narrower belt. A wide belt will decrease the distance between the waist and the boobs (it won't really of course, but this is how it will look).

4. A belt will highlight the area where you wear it, so if you are narrow through the hips wear a belt on your hips. If you are more of an hourglass with a smaller waist, wear a belt on your waist.

5. Choose your belt like you do all your other accessories. If you are more conservative don't try and make a wide boho belt with a turquoise buckle work with your wardrobe.

6. If you only buy one belt, buy a narrow tan or black one so you can wear it through jeans and skirt loops, and with floaty summer dresses to reel them in and give you some more shape.

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