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Sher, the designer, originally hails from Borneo, Malaysia, and is now based in Australia. She launched ANANNASA in August 2013, after a fulfilling career in fashion and merchandising when she was in Singapore and Hong Kong. ANANNASA, which means “pineapple” in Hindi, reflects Sher’s love for the fruit and the Indian sub-continent. Following the success of her label, FUNDANA was launched in 2014. FUNDANA’s appeal is in its gorgeous prints and intricately handcrafted embroidery and beadwork embellishments. The collections feature exquisite costume jewellery in vibrant and bold styles that speak of the label's aesthetic.

Sher's designs are always from the heart. Her collections are continually influenced and inspired by her many travels,  sampling different cultures, meeting amazing people and her appreciation for fabulous interiors as well as diverse cuisines. All of these experiences have enabled her to bring the best to her two labels.

Through it's fun and vivacious statement pieces, ANANNASA beckons the traveler in us, calling us to experience life's adventures. 

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